Medicaid Waivers

Why We Exist

Our extensive experience in the Colorado home healthcare industry has afforded us a clear perspective on the strengths of the large agencies and the areas where they fall short. We saw a clear opportunity to not only enhance the quality of care being provided, but also improve the support for our caregivers. It was this insight that led to the creation of 1 For All Home Healthcare — an agency dedicated to not just doing more, but to excelling in our field. We help provide Colorado Medicaid Waivers so you can get the care you need.

Our Services


This waiver helps people who are 65 or older with a functional impairment, or 18-64 with a physical disability or HIV/AIDS. It provides extra health benefits to stay in your home or community. Services include homemaker, personal care, health maintenance (skilled care with no license required) and more. Family members (including parents and spouses) are allowed to be hired.


The Brain Injury (BI) Waiver in Colorado is designed for individuals who have experienced a brain injury and require additional support to live in their communities. This waiver is available for people aged 16 and older whose brain injury occurred before their 65th birthday. Services under the BI waiver include personal care, respite, and more. Spouses are permitted to provide personal care, however parents of minor children are restricted.

CHCBS Waiver services

This waiver is for children with significant medical needs at risk for institutional care. It provides additional benefits on top of regular Health First Colorado services. It's for children under 18, and services include health maintenance (skilled care with no license required) and more. Family members (including parents) are allowed to be hired and paid to be care providers.


This waiver supports children 18 or younger with a life-limiting illness. It allows them to receive palliative care while seeking curative treatment. Services include counseling, expressive therapy, and supportive care. Family members (including parents) are allowed to be hired and paid to be care providers.


For adults over 18 living with conditions like spinal cord injury, multiple sclerosis, brain injury, etc., and who can't walk independently. It offers services like life skills training, homemaker, personal care, health maintenance (skilled care with no license required) and more. Family members can be hired and paid for some services, although parents of minor children and spouses are restricted.


This waiver supports children under 18 with developmental disabilities. It helps them establish a foundation for community inclusion as they grow. Services include homemaker, community connector, respite, and more. Family members (including parents) are allowed to be hired & paid.


This waiver serves adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities. It helps individuals to remain in their homes and communities, with the person responsible for their living arrangements. Services include homemaker, personal care, life skills training, supported community connections and more. Individuals must be 18 or older and meet certain care and financial criteria​​. Family members are allowed to be hired and paid to be care providers but spouses are restricted.


This waiver provides support for individuals with developmental disabilities needing 24-hour supervision. It includes Residential and Day Habilitation Services. Living arrangements can vary from host homes to individualized or group settings, including living with family. Services include individual residential services and supports (IRSS), supported community connections, and more.. Eligibility requires being 18 or older & meeting specific care & financial criteria​​. Spouses are restricted.


The Community Mental Health Supports Waiver (CMHS), under the Home and Community-Based Services, provides vital support for individuals with mental illness. This waiver enables them to access long-term services and assistance, facilitating their ability to live and flourish in their community. Services include homemaker, personal care, respite and life skills training. Family caregivers (including parents and spouses) are allowed to be hired and paid to be caregivers.

Have Questions?

Medicaid covers services for many Colorado families with no out-of-pocket costs.  If you don’t qualify, we have very competitive private pay rates. Call (719) 619-3600 to speak to one of our intake coordinators.

Contact one of our intake coordinators to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have (719) 619-3600.

No, Colorado has the IHSS program in place, which allows family caregivers to be paid for providing services normally only a CNA or nurse would be allowed to perform. The CHCBS waiver is a wonderful alternative to programs like the Parent CNA program which require you to enroll in a school and get licensed.

Contact your local case management agency to get enrolled in the applicable waiver. 

Have your case manager send us your referral.

We hire you so you can begin getting paid to provide service.

We believe our purpose is to help improve the lives of families who need it the most.  That means making sure you get the best pay possible. Many years of experience have taught us how to develop very efficient processes that ensure we can pay better than other agencies.

The 1 For All Home Healthcare team would love to speak with you about your needs.