Homecare For Children (Pediatric)

Dedicated Support for Children With Special Needs

Children have two primary options for homecare: Health First Colorado Medicaid Waivers and Affordable Private Pay. A disability does not always have to be a barrier to a child’s growth or potential. Our specialty is providing nurturing and attentive care to children, ensuring they receive the essential support and guidance needed for their growth and development. We pride ourselves on our first-class, professional caregivers. However, we also recognize the value of familiar care. In many cases, we can hire family members as caregivers, ensuring comfort and familiarity for the children.

Colorado’s Medicaid waivers are an excellent option for eligible individuals. Every waiver is distinct, designed to fit a variety of needs, ensuring that the right support is matched to your unique situation. Many waivers allow parents and other family members to be paid caregivers for their loved ones.

Colorado offers four waivers for children:


This waiver is for children with significant medical needs at risk for institutional care. It provides additional benefits on top of regular Health First Colorado services. It's for children under 18, and services include health maintenance (skilled care with no license required) and more. Family members (including parents) are allowed to be hired and paid to be care providers.


This waiver supports children under 18 with developmental disabilities. It helps them establish a foundation for community inclusion as they grow. Services include homemaker, community connector, respite, and more. Family members (including parents) are allowed to be hired and paid to be care providers for some services.


This waiver supports children 18 or younger with a life-limiting illness. It allows them to receive palliative care while seeking curative treatment. Services include counseling, expressive therapy, and supportive care. Family members (including parents) are allowed to be hired and paid to be care providers.


CHRP assists children and youth (0-20 years old) with intellectual or developmental disabilities who have high support needs. It helps them learn and maintain skills to live in their communities. Family members can be hired and paid to provide some services, although parents and spouses are restricted.

1 For All Home Health Care offers an affordable private pay option for those that don’t qualify for the Medicaid waivers.

Have Questions?

Medicaid covers services for many Colorado families with no out-of-pocket costs.  If you don’t qualify, we have very competitive private pay rates. Call (719) 619-3600 to speak to one of our intake coordinators.

Contact one of our intake coordinators to guide you through the process and answer any questions you may have (719) 619-3600.

No, Colorado has the IHSS program in place, which allows family caregivers to be paid for providing services normally only a CNA or nurse would be allowed to perform. The CHCBS waiver is a wonderful alternative to programs like the Parent CNA program which require you to enroll in a school and get licensed.

Contact your local case management agency to get enrolled in the applicable waiver. 

Have your case manager send us your referral.

We hire you so you can begin getting paid to provide service.

We believe our purpose is to help improve the lives of families who need it the most.  That means making sure you get the best pay possible. Many years of experience have taught us how to develop very efficient processes that ensure we can pay better than other agencies.

The 1 For All Home Healthcare team would love to speak with you about your needs.